We're building the future of energy and it starts with farmers.

Who we are

We're an energy intelligence company focused on decarbonising the grid while making you money

Farmers are at the heart of the renewable energy transition. We believe that in order to decarbonise the grid it needs to be a win-win for everyone. Metronome makes farmers money by avoiding expensive carbon-intensive energy.

What we do

Our energy intelligence platform optimises your power usage

We work with you to switch you to the best fixed energy tariff available hassle-free. Our energy intelligence platform then automatically provides you with the cheapest energy available, as well as live data and alerts to give you control of the things that matter to you most. Behind the scenes, we generate profit by making real-time decisions on when to buy and sell energy. At the end of the year we split this with you in the form of a cheque.

How we do it

Most of the power consumption on a farm comes from cold storage. So we built technologies to minimise your energy bill

Smart algorithms

We install a Metronome device at your farm to learn about when and how much power is used. Using this data allows us to make smarter decisions. And you'll be able to monitor all of the power consumption on our app.

Cool runnings

Our predictive software learns how your cold store operates. We use this insight to actively manage the temperature more effectively. This works in conjunction with your current system to add an extra level of reliability. By bringing your cold store online, any abnormalities are reported to you instantly. Smarter, safer, greener.

Cheque's in the mail

All of this is done automatically so you can focus on the important things. Our smart systems will not only manage the energy usage on your farm but also redistribute energy so it’ll be cheaper for everyone on the grid.