energy, evolved

We're building the future of energy
and it starts with farmers.


unlocking flexibility

MetronoMe is an energy intelligence company aimed squarely at paving the way for a renewable future. We're building a shared platform for managing on-demand flexibility at scale.

Our best-in-class, connected hardware provides control and peace-of-mind on-site, while generating revenue and decarbonising the grid.


cold store Manager

Our founders are farmers and engineers, and we know that response time is critical for the safe storage of your potatoes.

That’s why we built the only monitoring system that provides clear, intuitive control of your cold store with real-time alerts and live data.


Set your store temperature directly within our intuitive app.


Real-time alerts keep you in the loop if the temperature exceeds your set boundaries.


Live and historic temperatures in the palm of your hand, on the farm or in the field.


energy Monitor

Increasing energy efficiency requires a thorough understanding of your energy needs. Our Energy Monitor provides real-time data on your energy usage allowing us to tailor what you buy and when you buy it to reduce your energy costs.

We work behind the scenes to negotiate the best energy prices on the market, buying excess power to keep your costs down. This way we are able to give you both peace of mind and affordable, low-carbon energy.


Gain high-resolution insights into your energy usage, diagnosing inconsistencies before they become problems.


Use historic data to predict your energy usage, giving in you the confidence of knowing what your energy future looks like.


We combine your historic data with our predictive models to automatically find you the best energy tariffs.